September 5, 2013

your biggest fan.

yesterday i cried like a baby.

all because of this video.

i was imagining all the simple sweet moments i've had with just rylan and i. little kisses, laughs and hugs. times spent cuddled up real close while i twirl your hair, watching you dance in your pj's and holding your hand as you discover the world. there's been nothing more beautiful than getting to be front row and center at your show. i am your biggest fan. always and forever. don't you forget it my little man.

we only have about 2 weeks left as just the two (or three with daddy :) of us. i keep wondering if this is our last night together before our little family is forever changed. don't get me wrong-i'm so happy to welcome our little lady. i'm just trying to savor this moment in time, taste, see, smell, soak it up for all it's worth-'cause i know it's worth a fortune.

so here's to ry & i and our time as solely us. may you stay this sweet and curious with wonder in your eyes and never forget our season spent growing and learning together in grace and love as a mother and a son. you are my wild thing and i am your safe place.

love always,
-your biggest fan-



  1. He is so lucky to have such an amazing mommy.
    Enjoy this time together!!

  2. Excellent post! I actually have a similar one started, but haven't published it yet. It makes me sad to think about having to share my mommy and Joseph time.

  3. Oh such a lovely post - hope everything goes well in these last few weeks, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  4. So sweet!!!! He's going to be a wonderful big bro!

  5. Awww this made me teary!!! Enjoy those last days together.. but know there will be many more amazing ones ahead, watching him as a big brother :)

  6. Isnt it incredible how their little worlds can shake yours up completely? In a very good, real, and life changing way.