January 14, 2014

i work out. well, recently i do.

a couple of months after tenley was born i decided i needed to get out of the house and have some time to myself to regain a hint of sanity every now and then. so we joined the Y. i found a boot camp class that i love and have been going fairly regularly and i'm pretty darn proud of myself because getting two babies out of the house is a miracle in itself. "go me!"

i used to wonder what in the world was wrong with people when they would say things like, "oh i feel amazing after my workout!" or "i love running!". i still don't think i will ever in this lifetime feel that way about running, but what do you know-i'm loving working out these days!

besides going to the Y, i've been finding fun "at home" exercises on pinterest. so today i'm overly excited to share with you this blog and the 6 week workout plan that i just started thanks to sadie jane! also, you guys should check out sadie's journey to get fit after she had her two kiddos! amazing!

here's what Day 1 looks like:

the workouts will be posted weekly. oh and she is great about helping crossfit beginners with all the lingo. for instance, WOD=workout of day and 21-15-9 is how many reps you do for that movement so for Day 1: WOD: 21 jump squats, 21 push ups, 21 mountain climbers and 21 sit ups then do 15 of each and then 9. for the strength portion the 5-5-5-5-5 means you do 5 rounds of 5 weighted squats. get it? easy peasy. here's Week 1.

join us! it will be fun promise ;)

hope you guys are keeping up your new year's resolutions!


  1. The hubs got me into Crossfit a few years ago and I love it! While I'm a runner at heart, throwing in a WOD every now and again is the perfect way to mix things up.
    Yay for great workouts! Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. haha I like to be active...you know walks, bike rides, playing with kiddos outside....but I do not work out lol...I must be like the old you haha....Love that you are loving it!!!