January 3, 2014

i washed my brand new iphone in the laundry machine. oh, and happy new year!

there's nothing worse than washing $200 straight down the drain.

ok, i can think of a few things.

but seriously, did i really have to send 2013 out with this kind of a BANG?!
i hope this isn't a sign for 2014!

or maybe i do...

i'm not going to lie, the phone can be a bit of a distraction for me. there's always something going on, an app to check, email, messages, pictures, articles to read, #hashtags, and it's basically impossible to keep up which i'm pretty sure God didn't intend for us to anyway.

i've been told that God gives you enough hours in the day to get the things done that HE intends-so no more distractions or excuses-I'm hoping to use my time in 2014 in a more God-honoring manner (not that all of those other things were in themselves bad, but the overuse or prioritization of it that's the key here). I'm taking the washing of my iphone in the laundry machine as a sign to focus more on the "real" around me.

FOCUS 2014!

i guess that's my "word" for the year?

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