January 29, 2014

3 things.

number 1. i got a new blog design, as if you didn't notice!! my good friend courtney does great work-check out her etsy shop! she does custom blog designs, blog headers and some fun printables! *bonus* all the proceeds from her shop are going towards her adoption! two birds people, two birds.

number 2. family showers. have you tried them? i'm all about efficiency. this time i braved the waters with both babies. yep. do not try this at home people. it was half a miracle though that it actually worked.

number 3. here's week 3 of the 6 week crossfit inspired workout plan i've been following. i can't believe i've almost made it to the halfway mark!

also, i've updated our "about us" section! does that make this 4 things?


  1. Loving the new design!!! Ive been wanting to redo mine but can't decide on what to do! and family showers are great with one but props momma - I've yet to try two!