February 5, 2014

25 months.

rylan, you are the definition of BUSY! always on the move, you've got places to go and people to see! between you and me though, i secretly like that about you ;). don't get me wrong, i adore the .25 second hugs you give, but it's just you to be on the go and i like you. so there's that.

you are getting into everything lately. i was brushing my teeth the other day and it got too quiet. i knew something was up. i found you in the BACKYARD!! did you read that?! BACKYARD!! you sneaky boy! you moved a chair from the dinning room table over to the door, unlocked it and went outside to play in your pjs! when i went out to get you, you said, "come on momma!". i love it.

it's one of the sweetest, saddest things when you get in trouble! you start crying and saying, "i sowwy, lubs you momma" and "hold you". i pick you up and tell you how much i love you even when you get in trouble.

some favorite sayings:

"yes sir."
"yes sir momma."
"bwess you tenwey."
"don't fall like dum-dumpty."
"chicken nugget."
"bad guys."
(if we're singing) "no no no no! stop it!"
"no, dats not a circle."
"go funder (aka Thunder)!"
"go OU!"
"turn it off."
"charge it."
"shhh tenwey."

you still love music and singing. a couple of your favorite songs are "happy birthday" and "twinkle, twinkle".

one of our "things" right now is to have a little talk when you wake up from your nap. just you and me. i always ask if you slept good and what you dreamed about. i love asking you what some of your favorite things are too. i cannot wait for you to be able to really tell me. i want to know everything. i want to know all about you.

love you forever,



  1. This is such a fun age! :) How funny that he snuck out to the backyard all on his own.. and obviously a bit scary for mama too!! Sounds like he is so much fun right now and love all his sayings!

  2. His sayings are the cutest. He is such a little talker!