February 11, 2014

the house that built me.

there once was a brown brick house down a winding narrow road lined by trees for miles.
past the baseball fields and under the railroad tracks.
a house filled with memories of a mommy and a daddy and their two little girls.
a yard that was perfect for snowball fights, playing catch, swimming pools, and bare feet.
acres of land that were driven by four wheelers and beloved pets that are buried beneath the ground.
a porch that welcomed you on cold rainy nights and had countless good byes said from it on the steps under the porch light.
a door that creaked as well as some of the floors.
a laundry room filled with basketballs and helmets, socks and shoes.
a kitchen that was cooked in and danced in.
a living room filled with voices.
a dining room table where there once was a fort built.
a hallway that was always a bit creepy and the sound of knuckles being run down the paneling.
bedrooms filled with laughter from sleepovers and early morning wake up calls-the sun flooding the rooms after the curtains were open.
the faint sound of the train in the background.
a den where christmas morning were spent.
and mommy and daddy's room.

there once was a little girl who grew up in this house and will leave so many memories there, the good and the bad, all a part of her.
so good bye one last time, but this time for good.
not a place untouched or a room unseen.
good bye to a house that is loved, but not forgotten.

love always,
the little girl