February 4, 2014

4 months tenley.

tenley girl, time with you is just flying by! you are as sweet as can be and daddy is still your favorite. you can now roll from front to back and back to front so look out world! daddy and you like to play "rough" and flying in the air makes you laugh. looking at yourself in the mirror is pretty fun too. you've also been playing with your toys more and like to stick everything in your mouth! oh, and you love to bounce! 

i'm starting to wonder if you will always be our "high needs" baby. a lady at church made the comment, "she's fine as long as someone is talking to her!"-ha!!! tell me about it! so much effort with this one!

you laughed at your brother for the first time this month and your daddy and i about died. it was the cutest thing ever. rylan was pretty excited about it too.

you're still sleeping good for the most part. occasionally you'll give us an off night and wake up at 2 or 4 in the morning, but you usually sleep until at least 5 am. we've got your arms unswaddled now so we think that's what's been waking you up lately. we're just hoping that you'll start to develop a little bit more of a "schedule" soon. 

we can't believe that you are already at the age where we can start giving you solids. i think we will hold off a bit longer on that though if we can. 

everything is happening so fast with you sweet girl. before we know it you'll be crawling and i'm certain you will then conquer the world.

one step at a time baby girl. 

love you forever,



  1. What a little beauty! Happy 4 months! :)

  2. She's beautiful and looks so different than rylan at this age!

    1. i know they look nothing alike! tenley looks a lot like i did and rylan looks more like a mix or more like nick depending on the day :)