March 11, 2014

26 months.

i guess there's always a curveball thrown in when you've got kid(s). you've been trying to change up our schedule around here lately. which i'm, of course, not a fan of. you used to sleep until 8:30-9:00am and have been trying to wake up around 8:00am. i know, i know, that's normal for most people, but i'm NOT a morning person. i need my sleep people!

your nap is getting shorter as well...

all signs of you coming out of babyhood.

can't you just stay there a teeny bit longer?

oh and the fits too. can they just go away?

disciplining is so hard. i'm trying to be consistent, but some days i feel like you are in trouble all day long and it's not my favorite.

we've been discussing during your punishments that your heart is "ugly" and that's why you act the way you do sometimes and that Jesus can make your heart beautiful. i know you don't really understand yet, but i'm trying to get to the deeper issue as simply as possible. it is my hope that this will help lead you to Christ. that you will see your deep need for Him. and hopefully sooner rather than later.

your vocabulary is astonishing, well, to me anyway.

you love curious george and "racing".

and, if we would let you, you would probably go up and down the slide at chick-fil-a all day long.

oh and you doing "crunches". funniest thing on the planet.

i can't believe how fast you're growing up.

i'm going to miss you. right here and right now. and these days.

love you forever,



  1. Oh goodness, that little comb over is just about the cutest!! I can't believe he's 26 months! He's getting so big!!!
    xo TJ