March 9, 2014

5 months.

your daddy and i swear to each other that we just brought a newborn baby home from the hospital just a few weeks ago. i guess with two little ones time goes by "double" fast or something. not fair.

this month you tried your first bites of cereal. i'm not so sure how you felt about it, but i'm pretty sure you like the part where you feel like a big girl. you love sitting at the table with us. now if we could just get you to stop trying to roll out of your bumbo seat we'd be set!

you've still got eyes for daddy, but there's something extra special in the way you look at your big brother, like he's already your hero. i don't understand it, well, i kind of do, but you know the kid would rather sit on your head most days right? oh, how i love these days!

this month you answered the question of what "spitting mad" is for me! if you get upset about something you just start spitting/blowing raspberries in the air. it's pretty darn cute so i don't think you're getting the reaction you expected. sorry sista!

you also learned how to stick your tongue out at us you little stinker! and i've got an inkling that crawling will be soon to follow.

oh and the rolls. can't forget the rolls. your little thighs are as chunky as can be! just how we like them.

love you forever,


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