June 18, 2014

29 months.

you're getting so old! not really, but yes! really!

you continue to amaze us every day. like that time you told daddy to sit with us at the table. you know, you used the term correctly and everything! we're just wow-ing over here.

your vocabulary and sponge brain are really the best. you're just soaking everything up.

some favorite sayings:

"where IS penguin?" *emphasis on is

"that's what i'm talkin' bout!"

"it burns goin' down!"

"good morning momma."

the other day i was talking to you about my upcoming trip to africa and i was getting all sad and mushy telling you how much i'd miss you and you came up and gave me a big hug, tiny pats on the back included, and said, "don't worry momma. he'll getcha out.". sweetest. moment. ever. really.

you're becoming such a big boy and i can hardly see the baby at all anymore. the chubby cheeks and feet, the innocence, where have they gone?

my my my, this is going by too fast.

love you forever my little man,



  1. Do sweet. I agree, it's going by too fast.

  2. He is lookin' just like daddy!! Identical! What a beautiful family!