June 16, 2014

8 months.

you're a quick little mover these days. once you've set your mind on something it's yours. nothing stands in your way. just like your brother, always on the move.

once again, we're total parent failures in the solid food department with you blah blah blah. you may just have to take charge of this one on your own sweetheart. i'll show you where the pantry is ;).

you love being outside and messing with anything that brother has.

the toy "MINE-ing" has already begun. sheesh.

sleep is going grrrreat these days. you're finally making it to 8:00-8:15 am! still sleeping perfectly through the night. proud and happy momma over here!

you're still one tough cookie though. we have good days and hard days and i'm STILL trying to figure you out.

you are one complicated soul, but we love you little lady!

love you forever,


**i know, i know, tenley is actually 9 months today. what can ya do?!

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