May 22, 2012

5 months with you.

sometimes i just look at you and can't believe you have come this far. growing and changing. you are becoming more of a little man. i see him growing in you every day, but you are still more baby than anything (which i kind of like :).

right now you are really bouncy. you love to jump in your jumper and getting your legs reps in is your favorite pastime. just recently you started rolling from your back to your tummy so now you are a full fledged roller. when i put you down for tummy time you turn into a rolling machine (by the way you just started laughing in your sleep as i was typing this-cutest.thing.ever). tummy. back. back. tummy. i can no longer leave you resting on the couch unattended because you took a dive to the floor the other day. don't worry you were fine.

you are grabbing anything and everything and it all goes straight to your mouth. i now have to be careful to make sure i don't put you near anything you can swallow.

you love eating your rice cereal and we will be starting veggies soon. i'm thinking sweet potatoes??!

lately daddy and i have been making fools of ourselves to get you to laugh. it's quite the show. you also think it's pretty funny when i'm exercising. jeez buddy, give your momma a break!

one of the sweetest things you do is feel our faces. it's like you are seeing us with your hands. i love it, until you get a good grip of my skin and start pulling!

we still haven't moved you to your crib. i know, i know. shame on us. we will get there. eventually.

i love spending my days with you, watching you grow, but please take it easy on me. don't grow up too fast little one.

love you,



  1. This is so sweet! I just realized your little man was born two days before my due date this December :) You'll have to fill me in on having a Christmas baby :) biggest question: to buy the "first christmas" outfit or not? :)

  2. having a Christmas baby is definitely going to be tricky for us! our 5 year wedding anniversary is dec. 15 and our baby boy will be turing 1 year old on dec. 22! it's going to be interesting! i think having ONE first Christmas outfit is good, but we ended up having too many and he didn't end up wearing all of them!

  3. So darling! It goes by way too fast, doesn't it? My hope is that time slows down a little for you to enjoy the rest of his first year....mine is turning one in two weeks! I'm wondering where the year went.

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  4. it has been flying by! i hope it slows down too :)

  5. aw, i love these little letters that you are writing to him. something that will be kept in tact forever! :)
    xo TJ

  6. How precious!

  7. Don't stress about moving him to his crib - do it when you are ready :) I started out having my daughter take naps in her crib during the day, and we finally moved her when she was six months. She still doesn't sleep the entire night in the crib. My mommy mantra - do what is best (and what works) for your family!

  8. Love this post - and reading about the love you have for that lucky little man! :)

  9. So sweet! He's getting so big! Time flies, huh? ;)