January 22, 2013

13 months...say WHAT?

i'm not really sure how to introduce this little letter to you at the moment since you're still a baby, but at the same time you're not. sometimes i try to hold you in my arms like a baby, but you're definitely not a fan, at all. like arms flailing, not a fan. so, i guess "little man" will have to suffice.

little man,

you are so much fun right now! i love this age with you. it just might be my favorite, but then again...they all are, so...is that really saying much?

i get a kick out of watching you walk all over the house. i just love it when i see you walk into a room out of the corner of my eye. your presence is everywhere now. it's especially fun trying to guess what items you'll be carrying around this time, it's almost always a sock, a book or a toy, that is unless you've stolen my wedding ring again. you thieving little turkey! you've got mad walking skills i will give you that. and you're quick and sneaky too! i've got to keep a pretty good eye on you at all times.

your vocabulary has really started picking up as well. it makes my day hearing your sweet voice. a couple of my favorites right now are "thank you" and "ball". the other day you were in an especially good mood and were walking all around the house repeating "thank you" over and over and over again. i died. just flat out died.

two things: 1. you like to put your toy baskets on your head, covering your eyes mind you, and walk around the house. you have no fear. seriously, where did you get that from?? 2. you have started this thing where you point your finger towards me for me to touch with my finger and then you do it to daddy. and repeat. E.T. style. i love it.

all your toys are now referred to as "ball", but that's all that matters in a little boy's world anyways right? oh, did i forget to mention that you actually like your toys and books now? it's a living miracle in our house! a cause for celebration! sometimes you even bring a book to me and sit in my lap as i read it. did you hear that??? SIT!! you SIT! for at least a couple of minutes or so. who would've thought we'd see the day?

we've decided since you're always on the "go" we would be praying verses for you about "going" for the Lord and "never tiring" of serving Him. Matthew 28: 19-20 comes to mind :)

love you always little man,


  1. Aww it sounds like he is so much fun right now!! How adorable that he is saying Thank you already. What a polite little fella! :)

  2. He's getting so big! They grow up too fast, huh?

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  4. Cute! I love when I see mama's do this, it makes my heart warm :)

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