January 11, 2013

and to the crib he went.

while we're on the subject of letting go...

why don't we hit up the fact that my baby no longer prefers napping on the couch with me.

i was honestly dreading the day that we would have to transition nap time with me on the couch to the crib mainly because it's my favorite and also because i heard it would be a nightmare since he was already 12 months old and still lying there by my side. but all of a sudden it just happened. i can't even remember how. all i know is one day we laid down on the couch for our usual after lunch nap and he started crying and to the crib he went. and that's where he wants to be now.

i will admit to withdraws of his warmth and just the simple presence of him being there in my arms, but i know this is just another part of letting him go.

i am so grateful for the many naps that we had together in "our spot" on the couch. and i'm so glad that i took each one of them in. i'm sure you'll let me get one in with you every now and then...right??! ;)

thank you God for making this process so gradual. this is hard on us mommas! even the thought of much more right now is making my stomach turn.

take it easy on me baby boy! you could slow down just a teeny tiny bit ;)

love you, my little forever nap time buddy,


  1. Aww, hoping this transition remainds gradual and easy for you! I bet that can't be easy!!

  2. I miss rocking chair naps. We used to make that our afternoon "thing." We still rock, but when he gets drowsy he fusses until I put him in the crib. *sigh* Where is the pause button to life?

  3. Aw- maybe no more naptime on the couch, but couch snuggles, those are nearly as good.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Just wait! His new independence will bring you so many smiles soon! Soon he will sart learning to do more things on his own and be super proud of himself. I had a hard time transitioning from baby to toddler with my now 2 year old. It happened around 15 months, but she still comes back to and we have a bond like no other. Think of it as a new adventure together, not letting go just yet! Good luck momma!!

    Bringing Up Paisley

  5. Aww I am sure you will miss those snuggles very much. These changes are so hard. You will have wonderful memories of that time and yes, hopefully, once in a while, he'll still be up for mama snuggles on the couch :)

  6. Aw, I bet he's still going to want to nap with his mama every now and then on the couch. I sure hope I get super snuggly babies - I love a good snuggle time.

  7. Aw Hailey, I am so sorry! This is heartbreaking...
    If it makes you feel any better, our little tot has never slept with us on the couch or our bed - she has always only ever wanted her cot!!

  8. what a sweet blog you have...how fun will it be for your little one to read all of these once he grows up? new follower! XO

  9. :( ok so my youngest goes to bed at night alone and won't let me rock her to sleep. i rock her a nap time I love it. i love holder while she sleeps. about a week ago she stopped wanting me to rock her a nap time. i cried. she just wants to go in the crib to. they grow up so fast!!

  10. Awww... It's wonderful/painful when kids grow up.