January 18, 2013

beauty in contentment.

i paused to look at myself in the mirror after i had just gotten mr. grouchy pants down for his afternoon nap. yes, i was sporting my wrinkly old white tee and my hot pink sweats, but in that moment i felt beautiful.

there was just something about that moment where i felt utterly content in, well, everything. my hair was a mess, i just got done scrubbing ry's grubby little fingers, and wiping up leftover taco meat from lunch, but suddenly when i stopped to look i saw pure joy.

i was satisfied in my grungy outfit and my ponytail. i was satisfied in the soreness in my back. i was satisfied with the toys in the living room and the slightly less than perfectly clean kitchen. i was satisfied because they were all signs of him. and the joy he brings.

yes, there are most certainly more glamorous things in the world than changing diapers and wiping snotty noses, but today i felt like a queen.

you see i feel blessed. blessed that i was able to bring life into this world. blessed that i am able to stay  home with my baby every day. blessed to chase him all around the house. blessed to pick up his toys over and over again. blessed to be his momma.

i am content.

no other title in the world could be as sweet. ma-ma.

there is beauty in contentment.


  1. Look at those beautiful big eyes!!

  2. What a lovely post! There is also beauty in that little face! It makes me smile! :)

  3. This is just beautiful! Have a fantastic weekend pretty lady!

  4. Love this post! I am SO blessed to be at home with my boys too...it is such a joy!

  5. Man that baby is SO cute. I want one!


  6. Beautiful post. I can absolutely relate! :)

  7. this is such a sweet post. i know how you feel. there are times when i'm so frustrated with my lovely cashmere sweaters getting baby food on them, or that i never have time to do my hair and always wear it in a messy bun, or most of the time just wear sweatpants.

    but i love my kids more than anything, and there is something really nice about the lifestyle that goes along with being a stay at home mama.

    beautiful photo.