April 23, 2012

4 months baby

You are such a little boy!
With all the spitty-bubbly-fart-like sounds you've learned to make with your mouth-it's really a sight to see!

Lately, you are much more active. You seem to get annoyed when we aren't playing or doing something. You can hardly sit still with your little wiggly body and kicky legs! Just 12 days before your 4 month birthday you rolled over and we were so proud. 

You like to play with your toys more and love to put everything in your mouth, especially your toes! You are also very grabby. We may or may not be in the process of training you to be a pickpocket with those snatch-y hands. ;)

I'm trying to get used to this new thing called drool, being the germaphobe that I am, it is not my forte.
Still no teethies in sight though.

At your 4 month check-up today you were in the 23% in height and 3% in weight. My little munchkin! Doc says you are growing good though. We are so excited to start trying foods with you now! Look out sweet potatoes! You also had your 4 month shots today which went pretty well. For both of us.

Happy 4 months sweet pea


  1. Awe! Such a cutie! He's getting so big. Get used to the drool-it is here to stay a minute-and it is always kinda gross. :)

  2. Ahhhh, he barely fits in the basket! I think one week and four months are my fav's, one is so peaceful and the later so full of personality.Rx


  3. absolutely adore this idea for pictures. so cute!

  4. Cute idea to put him in the laundry basket! He looks like a happy baby!

  5. Such a fun idea to put him in the laundry basket! What a cutie pie!

  6. I love thses pictures. The last one cracks me up! ha!


  7. OMG, he is so adorable and I really love the idea of a laundrey basket because as anyone with a family knows, they are all over the place. hehe, He makes the cutest expressions. Great post!


  8. Oh it's so crazy the difference a month can make! What a cutie!!


  9. haha! Such cute photos! Happy 4 months!