April 30, 2012

little sister

Happy 21!

You're not so little anymore.

On days like today I tend to be a bit nostalgic. I find myself thinking back on our days of living and doing life together.

The new house. The old house. Snow days. Summer days, popsicles in hand. Summer nights. Matching Easter outfits and hairspray. The fort. Driving around with nothing to do, but blare music and sing at the top of our lungs. The countless sporting events. Crunching through leaves in the fall. Thanksgivings. Christmases. Birthdays. Vacations. Proms. Graduations. Pets. Photo sessions: 1, 2, 3-make the ugliest face you can make! Christmas Eves spent telling me to get my feet off you! Dancing. Power outages playing Yahtzee by candlelight. Good times and hard times, you were always by my side little one.
My biggest fan.

I'm so glad you were born. Life growing up without you would have been so boring and life now would have been incomplete.

Thank God for my sister.

"Don't know if it happens to everyone...Don't know if we're special, or lucky or what...All I know is that somehow-some way-two little girls who grew up as sisters also grew into best friends. And I'm so glad we did."

Happy Birthday.

Hope you have the best day :)


  1. cute post!


  2. What a sweet post! sisters are the best :)

  3. Lovely post! Hope she has a wonderful birthday! xo

  4. She is very pretty! Happy Birthday to her.

  5. She is so gorgeous! God bless and good luck:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  6. Oh what a sweet post.. a belated happy birthday to your sister. Enjoy being 21!