November 26, 2012

11 months baby (11/22/12).

the days just keep closing in on us don't they baby boy? it's unreal how quickly the past 11 months  have gone. i was packing up some of your newborn clothes a few days ago and it was so hard to imagine you wearing them and to remember you being that small. in passing, i also noticed your tiny handprint that we put on a baseball when you were just 3 weeks old. time flies.

you are crawling in super speed these days and i can hardly keep up. all the crawling is rubbing your little legs and the tops of your feet raw, but no need to worry-i'm sure walking is right around the corner! you took your first steps on November 19th between daddy and i! we were so surprised and proud! and of course, i cried.

you still love splashing in the dogs' water bowls and messing with the tv. another fun thing you've picked up is opening the cabinet doors in the kitchen. you are also starting to throw some nice temper tantrums. it's getting really interesting over here i tell ya.

your favorite thing right now is throwing balls and chasing after them. you're still clapping and throwing your hands up for "TOUCHDOWN!!", but haven't quite perfected the wave. you have your own 'wave' though and it's adorable, even if it is a little backwards.

i've been a little more on the emotional side lately with your 1st birthday coming up. i heard the song i sing to you every night (taylor swift's never grow up) on the radio and i couldn't stop the tears. i remember when you were my tiny swaddled up newborn and i would sing it with all the hope in the world that it would somehow come true. i guess it's inevitable. you can't blame me for trying though and believe me i will never give up.

p.s. please stay this little.

love always,


  1. I am trying to pretend Alidia's 1st birthday isn't coming up soon as well. They seriously grow up way too quickly and this year just FLEW by. Ahh. They won't be babies much longer and that kills me. Oh the tantrums have started over here as well. Yikes!! Wow, already taking his first steps. Sounds like he will be walking soon indeed!! :)

  2. I can't believe he's going to be one! How fun! ;)

  3. Such special words Hailey! It is crazy how kids grow up, our little girl is almost 8 months and it feels like she was in my tummy yesterday... Enjoy the 1st celebrations! x