November 19, 2012

like old times.

you ever have one of those days that just feels like the old days? you know the ones where you decide at 8 pm to load up the pups, hop in your little car and go for some starbucks? the ones where you just go for a drive with the windows down, sun streaming in on your face, and the radio up. the ones where you have nothing to do so you most always end up cuddling on the couch to a movie. sometimes, every once in a while, we catch a small glimpse of our life before we were mommy and daddy. sometimes, most of the time, we can't even remember what life was like before you. and most of the time that's perfectly fine by us. but give us a day with crisp fall air like the brink of winter, rosy cheeks and a side of extra cheesy flirting and we're back in that college town and our hearts feel full again :)


  1. Aww love this. These type of days are so special now... even if rare while being parents. You two are adorable!!! :)

  2. So cute! Yes, I know those kinds of days! Glad y'all got to enjoy one!