November 13, 2012

insta-busy lately

well some of ry's birthday projects are coming right along. we started and finished his tee-pee this weekend, which was no easy task by the way, don't let them fool you and have been working on a banner as well. it's tough trying to be all crafty when you've got a little one splashing in dog bowls and tearing leaves off your plants.
 i need eyes in the back of my head y'all.
hope you guys are having a great week! i'm finally getting a haircut...waaaaay overdue. oh and my favorite: getting my teeth cleaned :). i'm declaring this week mommy week. 


  1. I would live a tutorial on the teepee! I want to make my son one! Also just finally started following you on Instagram yay!

  2. LOVE all of this! I've wanted a tee pee for wyatt for so long!!