November 7, 2012

and then comes...

...the madness. hey guys. i promise i haven't dropped off the face of the earth. we are just really busy over here. with our 5 year anniversary, rylan's 1st birthday and christmas all falling within a week and 3 days of each other i'm trying to get things in order ahead of time so i'm not stressing out the week of. things may slow down a bit here, but i promise i'll keep you updated as much as possible. :)

oh and i went with the majority and ended up at old navy for my skinny jean hunt and i found some great ones! thanks for your input!


  1. I found some skinny jeans at old navy too! Target has some awesome ones as well!

    Hope all is well!

  2. Sounds like you will be extremely busy! Good luck (;

    Dearest Lou

  3. We are doing the exact SAME thing!!! Mark and I are going to celebrate 5 years in Jan. Owen is getting ready to turn 1! And Christmas is around the corner. Have fun with all of your celebrations!!!


  4. Sounds like you have some busy (but wonderful) times ahead!!

    Also glad you got the old navy skinny jeans and liked them! :)

  5. got myself some old navy skinnies, too! love ;)