November 4, 2011

34 weeks today

34 weeks...

238 days
5,712 hours
342,720 minutes
20,563,200 seconds...

only 6 weeks left...

42 days
1,008 hours
60,480 minutes
3,628,800 seconds

but who's counting ;)

I love Friday morning sleep-ins with my hubby. Today's was a little different than most due to the fact that I ended up on the couch at 6 am with the not so fun hip pain I've been experiencing as of late. However, I did end up back in bed around 8-ish to finish our sleep-in :). Waking up and snuggling with my lovie warms my heart...mushy...mushy...I know :)

We began our "lazy" day with some delicious cinnamon rolls.
But of course the daddy-to-be's job is never finished...

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