November 10, 2011

35 weeks


Only 4 weeks and 6 days left! My body is feeling overdue for baby's b-day. Simple everyday tasks are becoming more and more difficult. Mr. Baker has been great taking on a few new services as daddy-to-be, such as helping me put on/take off my shoes, get me in and out of the car, and gracefully pulling me up from my stuck spots on the floor (I don't know why I always think I can get up from there!). You should see (or maybe you shouldn't) my morning fallout from the bed routine-it's not that dramatic, but it does involve a teeny bit of rolling due to the naturally more spherical shape of my body these days (as I do this, I can hear my dad singing, "rollllllly polllly"). I'm not sure how baby is feeling about leaving the only home he has ever known, but I do know that he needs to stay at least a couple more weeks to be on the safe side, regardless of how ready I may think I am.

I had a few doctor appointments this week: two week OB appt., cardiologist, and dental. My OB appointment went well just had to have my blood taken again to check my anemia-should find out next week. Baby's b-day is getting so close, I am now moving on to weekly OB appointments! Get excited people! My cardiologist appointment was A-mazing!! I know that sounds a little odd but you will soon understand! A little background here-I was referred to the cardiologist from my OB doctor because I noticed a heart flutter of sorts-I had an ultrasound done on my heart and had to wear a heart monitor for 48 hours. Anyway, here's why my cardiologist appointment was so amazing: during the ultrasound on my heart the tech didn't see anything wrong and then she let me see the baby! He was head down and ready! ANNNND she let me see his heart! Yes I have seen it before, but not like this! I got to see the four chambers of his heart and it was just pumping perfectly! The tech kept saying how beautiful his heart was and I could not agree more :). I will find out November 22 the results from the ultrasound and heart monitor. I also tried a new dentist this week and got my teeth cleaned by my good friend Dixie, who I went to dental hygiene school with. To my dismay, I had a cavity. How in the world this dental hygienist is so susceptible to cavities is beyond me.

On another note, it has been so fun seeing all the Christmas decorations out! It's just one more reminder that Baby Baker is on his way!

IMG_1463 IMG_1464


  1. Cavities are such a bummer, but I'm glad you came to see me!

  2. This is so adorable! You were so excited to have your little one :)