November 4, 2011

For Baby Baker

Dear sweet baby boy,

I can't stop thinking about you tonight as I lie awake in bed.
All these thoughts and wonders keep running through my head.
How I can't wait to hold you and to see your little grin,
to kiss you on your chubby cheeks and to touch your baby soft skin.
How I can't wait to see you finally face to face,
to behold a tiny miracle representing God's amazing grace.
How I can't wait to sing to you and to rock you to sleep at night,
to watch your daddy love on you and tuck you in real tight.
I wonder who you'll look like, with mommy's bright blue eyes?
or maybe daddy's freckle face-that would be real nice :).
I wonder about the love we'll share and how the time will pass,
but for now I'll keep you safe with me and enjoy it while it lasts.
With every little hiccup and tiny kick I know,
that God has knit you wonderfully and how my love does grow.
For these are precious moments shared just between you and I,
that make me praise our maker of the waters and the sky.
How I can't wait to meet you my perfect gift from above
and to embrace you in my arms and give you all my love.
I'm trying my best to wait on you as the day is drawing near,
I'll be seeing you soon my dear,
I'll be seeing you soon. :)



  1. I teared up a little. This is very sweet. :)

  2. This is so sweet, Hailey! Such a beautiful poem :)