November 19, 2011

36 weeks + 1 day


Baby boy,

This week they say you are as big as a WATERMELON and it sure feels like it to me! They also say that moms carrying boys tend to eat more than those carrying girls which makes me feel a bit better about these extra lbs I've put on. I can already see you raiding the refrigerator but still skinny as your dad! I had my one week OB appointment this week and my doctor said I wasn't dilated at all, guess you plan on camping out a little while longer. My doctor must think you are planning a longer stay too because instead of having me come back in one week she suggested two.


We passed the 30 day mark this week and your dad and I started a 30 day prayer countdown for you. We are now on day 27 and our prayer for you is self-discipline from Proverbs 1:3.


Today we went to a one day EXPRESS birthing class. I will say that I do feel more informed maybe a little too much though? ;) I'm pretty nervous/anxious about the whole birthing process. I try to imagine the sequence of events that will lead to hearing your first cry, but the truth is I have no idea. The unknown can be scary, but I am thankful that our God has a plan and I choose to trust that His plan for how you will enter this world is better than any of mine. All I know is that you my son are worth it. :)

I love you my little melon,

Oh and here's what we have been up to lately (besides nesting)...don't took me three years to get sucked into this...


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