September 6, 2012

and this is why i don't buy toys...

seriously this guy could care less about some toys. 
just give him a box or some other random item and he's good to go.

Ry was captain of his little box pirate ship that day. i could just picture him sporting an eye patch and bellowing, "argh maties!".
the box was short lived though as it got sent to dumpster heaven the next day.
but that's our little secret.

i'm sure there will be plenty more boxes and imaginary pirates in our future,
which i'm pretty happy about.
peter pan was always one of my favorites. :)


  1. I love your little man.
    He's such a charmer.
    Lots of LOVE Hailey!

  2. haha we just did the same thing the other day!! i swear they make those boxes just the right size for babies on purpose!! too cute!!

  3. Hahah awww, how cute is that last picture?! So adorable. And I remember when I was younger, 9 times out of 10 I'd ditch my Barbies to go play with a spoon in the dirt. Toys are seriously a waste =P

  4. I love this post! My son, Elias is the same way. He recently turned his toy "box" into what he called the Baker train.

  5. your little boy is so adorable! I just found your cute blog, I am excited to read more about you! Come follow along