September 19, 2012

check out this pack 'n play & update

i saw this pack 'n play on the today show and i thought i'd share because it's pretty awesome.
expensive, but awesome.

i despise having to put our pack 'n play together. that's why the mr. is usually the one to do it.
he's pretty good about saving me from pulling my hair out.

this pack 'n play is literally a breeze to set up and take down.
watch the video from 4moms here.

also just a quick update on the family i posted about yesterday: someone paid up front the costs of the medical evacuation to Turkey! they still need to raise money to pay him back, but God is moving mountains for them and all they are looking for now is a doctor/hospital to receive baby Joshua. please continue to pray!

thanks! hope you are having a great wednesday!

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