September 10, 2012

getting organized

i've been feeling a little unorganized and unproductive lately, although i'm actually a pretty organized person. it drives me bonkers i tell ya to not have things in order or planned out and to not see results. so i've been thinking of some ways to help me get things running a little more smoothly around here. if you know me, you know i'm all about efficiency. and i like to see results people! quickly! so, i thought it would be good if i assigned certain tasks to a day of the week. i like the accountability. for myself. this will help me get things done, right??

::monday:: grocery run/meal planning day
::tuesday:: free day
::wednesday:: also a free day :)
::thursday:: cleaning day
::friday:: blog prepping/random tasks day

how do you guys stay organized and on top of life?


  1. I love my printables of calendars, weekly menu and to do lists. They make everything a little easier throughout the week cause I can glance and see what needs done!

    Happy organizing!


  2. im excited to read what people post!! ---now that we are on the final stretch before baby boy gets here I have been trying to get on top of everything as well! 1. making sure EVERYTHING has its own place helps me stay picked up! 2. Meal planning is something I am trying to start doing (once a week) and 3. cleaning doing 1-3 things a day instead of having a cleaning day (this is the hardest for me bc I would rather just clean one day and be done however i think with a baby in the house it will help me stay on top of things better and spend time with him!

  3. I am a list maker to the max! My husband makes fun of me all the time but I make lists for everything (so does my mum so I must get it from her). For example... this will mean nothing to you but this is my to do list for tonight and tomorrow which doesn't include every little thing like cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, Alidia stuff, everyday school stuff but includes any other stuff that I need to remember to do. I would never remember without my lists!! I try to stay as organized as possible but there are still times when there is just too much going on to stay on top of it all.

    - Write and send fundraising letter to Marie-Claude
    - Ask on DR1 about sod and plastic fence sheets
    - Vacuum pool
    - Catch up on blogs
    - Pay Benel

    - Take Isabella get cell phone
    - Get new internet stick
    - Speak with men to fix planta
    - Pick up payment from Ray for Lauren
    - Organize office supplies
    - Make and give out school calendars and parent signature forms

    Another thing that I saw on another blog recently (can't remember who), was to make a list for cleaning... what to clean daily, weekly, monthly and so on... which has really helped with that!

  4. Ooh I love this! I am all about efficiency too! I also organize tasks to different days of the week. That way I can have divide it up nicely and not get too overwhelmed. I have an "errand" morning, 2 meal prep afternoons, a small amount of cleaning everyday, etc. new follower of your blog!