September 13, 2012

my friend mary & her yellow short memories

i want to introduce you to a friend of mine.
her name is mary.
there once was a time that mary and i shared a house together along with three other lovely ladies.
"The Charles House Ladies"-we called ourselves.
we shared life with each other in that house.
we laughed, we cried, we danced, and we grew.
kindred spirits were found in one another.
some of my most favorite college memories.

well now mary is an uh-MAZING photographer!
check out her site here.
i asked mary to share a little about herself and her love for photography.
Life passes by so very quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was picking out my outfit for the first day of 2nd grade. I remember what I wore. Yellow shorts. Yep, yellow shorts with a blue belt to match the blue on my shirt. My hair was pulled into a bun on the top of my head because that was the cool thing to do. I even had matching navy blue Keds. You remember those. Boy, was I awesome. 
That was a long time ago but yet the image is burned in my memory. While I certainly remember that moment, the image in my head is made clearer by the picture I have in my scrapbook at home…documenting that day. That is why I love photographs. I love them because they strengthen memories. Memories I never want to lose. Never want to forget. 
I have countless ‘yellow short’ memories that are made more vivid in my mind because of photographs. Some are far more significant than my second grade outfit and some are just simple memories that tell the story of my life. Believing that we are made for another world, but also that this life can be blessed, I love the art of photography. I love it because it tells the story of our lives and each story is important. 
Baby Baker Love definitely takes this philosophy to heart, both in the celebrating of life’s stories and documenting them! When ‘Mrs. Baker’ asked me to guest blog, I was thrilled for this very reason! Though our blogs are different in some ways, the principles are the same. Celebrate life and those that we love. So with that, I hope that today you will be inspired to celebrate YOUR story! After all, you only get one to live, so love and live it well…and don’t forget to stop and take some ‘yellow short’ pictures along the way!


  1. Wow, what beautiful photos!! She does an excellent job!

  2. Hi,

    I just had a quick question in regards to your website. If you could email me at your convenience that would be great!



  3. The phoos are gorgeousssss!


  4. she's so talented!! and lucky you to have her as a friend

  5. What happy fun pictures! Love this!

  6. The colour--it's so vibrant. It's almost better than real life.

  7. Loved this, dear friends. Miss you tons! Both of you :) - Beth.... "Charles House Lady #3"