September 21, 2012

to do before baby

after visiting with a couple of friends who are getting ready to welcome their new little ones into the world, i decided to make a list of some things to get done before the baby comes. this list is obviously not exhaustive, but here are a few that came to mind:

// go to the movies. that's right. did you know that going to an actual movie theater after having a baby is nearly impossible? husband and i have only been twice since ry was been born. enjoy one last good movie together!

// read some baby books. in preparation for ry's arrival i read Baby Wise and What To Expect When Your Expecting. both of which i recommend. Baby Wise was really good in helping me figure out how to get a schedule going for my baby and WTEWYE was very informative on what was going on with my body and the baby and also helped me prepare for labor.

// go on an overnight trip. spontaneous overnight trips are a bit more complicated and sparse once baby joins the picture.

// freeze some meals. this was something i was so thankful i had done! coming home from the hospital and trying to figure out what in the world you are doing with this new little person can be quite stressful so having meals prepared ahead of time is a life saver! we were also blessed by having my mom stay with us for about a week and our church family brought us meals as well. we were very very thankful for this.

// pamper yourself. go.get.a.pregnancy.massage. you'll thank me later! and don't forget the obligatory pedicure!

// clean your house. make sure you, or convince the mister in your life, to do a pretty good cleaning a week or a couple of weeks before your due date. this will help reduce stress for all you neat freaks (like me) out there since there won't be much time to focus on housework until you start getting the hang of being a new sleepy momma.

// pack your bags. make sure you have a bag for daddy, momma and baby.

// get alone time. one of the things i miss the most is just simply having time to myself. don't tell husband, but sometimes i take extra long showers for this very reason. ;)

// find a pediatrician. i know this is especially important when having a baby boy and choosing whether to circumcise or not.

// pray for your baby. start praying as soon as possible for this new little life!


happy friday!


  1. This is a great list! I prayed every day for my son and also for me during labor because I am a wimp and I knew I needed help! Surprisingly, I was so calm and nice during my labor. All God!

    We were fortunate and we went to the movies alllllll the time with my son. Up until he was 8 months we would take him to the movies weekly. I would just nurse him to sleep. It's definitely doable if your baby is laid back like our son was. Now he's crazy!

    I read what to expect too, great book!

    And I always blog about freezing meals even now! It's such a life saver!

  2. You're too cute.
    Any parent out there needs these reminders even after welcoming a little one. It makes such a big deal to make time away from baby too to stay strong with your spouse.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Aw what great tips! I need to remember all these for when it's my time! So exciting! I love all your pictures!

  4. Wise words- I'm not sure many I'll have time for as I have Ben too but I'll defo take your advice and indulge in longer baths!Rx

  5. Love this! Someone told us something like this before we had Elias and we did it. We were thankful because a lot changed when he came... for the better of course.


  6. Sooooo true! I wish we had gone to the movies every night! And yes about freezing on list!

  7. I'll have to keep these in mind for the future ;)
    Great little tips, girl!
    xo TJ