September 4, 2012

feels like home to me.

we are finally back home!
and boy does it feel good!
don't get me wrong-spending time with family and eating out nonstop was a blasty blast, but there's just something about being home and lying in your own bed that can't be beat. ahhh. 

baby boy and i spent the past week at my parents' house while the mr. was working near my hometown. there was lots of baby playing time, but i feel like time spent in the car dominated. we tend to try to do too much when we are all together. we drove all over tar nation (<---wow. just looked up what that word actually means, i had no idea. the things that slip past me these days.). seriously. and did you know that gas was almost $4 a gallon, sick, just sick people.

one of my favorite things was taking Ry to the splash pad! he L-O-V-E-D it! it's crazy how much a week can change my baby. he's pulling up and standing like a little champ now. i was pretty shocked when he pulled himself up by my ponytail. maybe it's time for a haircut?

also, nick and i spent our first night away from Ry, but i'm happy to report that we handled it surprisingly well. my mom watched him while we had a date night and stayed overnight at a hotel. it was nice to spend some time alone again. oh and we got to watch a movie at an actual movie theater! bah! after the movie was over, we almost decided to stay and watch another one! but then reality hit and we remembered that we weren't in college anymore. darn that energy!

anyway, i'm excited to get back into our normal groove, you know?


  1. What a handsome little man you have there! :) I love to watch babies sleep. My 2 guys are older now and do more playing than sleeping, but I so miss that stage! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gosh Ry is changing so much! Looks so grown-up (in a still tiny knida way)!Rx

  3. Such a cute photo! He is so adorable!