September 18, 2012

heavy heart

my heart is heavy today for some friends of mine who are working overseas with an anti-trafficking organization. their one month old baby, Joshua, is having some serious medical issues. they took him to the hospital after he began vomiting when they fed him. his condition has only gotten worse after being admitted at the hospital. with every doctor they see they get a different diagnosis. one of the doctors said he had internal bleeding and possibly a major infection. the doctors are not giving him fluids or letting his mom feed him. they need prayers and they also need to raise $58,000 (because they found out he is not covered under their medical evacuation plan) to transport baby Joshua to Istanbul where he can receive better treatment. if you feel led please pray and/or you can give here. just write "The Walkers" on the row that is labelled "Oasis Global". thanks friends.


  1. That is just so sad. My heart goes out to them. I will keep them in my prayers.

  2. This is so sad (and makes my heart heavy too! Thoughts and prayers are with them x

  3. oh my goodness. sending them lots of love. <3.